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WooriWeltech Best value based on trust

WOORI Weltech WOORI Weltech is providing the best possible service through our top quality products For improving quality and developing domestic welding market.
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WOORI Weltech, Pursuing to become a trusted company by our clients”

We sincerely welcome you in visiting our website.

Thank you for always encouraging and supporting our company.


WOORI Weltech is devoting our energy in improving products along with continuous technology development to improve welding operation efficiency while providing advanced welding products, equipment, and related technology information to our clients.


As a differentiated and competitive company, our employees are working based on sincere fellowship and a client-first mind. 


WOORI Weltech is taking a step forward from present methods, striving to providing a next-level service to clients based on discovering welding products with enhanced efficiency along with welding technology. 


We wish to satisfy the diverse needs of clients based on customer satisfaction and future business management to always lead the way in an ever-changing competitive society. 


Please provide us with your continued support and encouragement. 


Thank you. Employees of WOORI Weltech 

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