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WooriWeltech Best value based on trust

WOORI Weltech WOORI Weltech is providing the best possible service through our top quality products For improving quality and developing domestic welding market.
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Brand Products

Brand Products

WOORI Weltech is growing together with our clients by providing the best possible quality, service, and technology related information to meet client standards in providing advanced welding materials and equipment.

WOORI Weltech is pursuing to enhance welding quality by providing diverse welding materials and equipment to domestic heavy industry, power plant, shipbuilding, and construction industries as the official agent of Lincoln Electric, the world’s largest welding material and equipment manufacturer.

In addition, Metrode is a subsidiary of Lincoln Electric, specializing in manufacturing welding material including heat resisting steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, nickels teel. Indalco specializes in manufacturing aluminum welding amterial, and WOORI Weltech is providing the best possible service by supplying top quality products and pursuing the development and quality enhancement of domestic welding market.

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