Management Philosophy

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WooriWeltech Best value based on trust

WOORI Weltech WOORI Weltech is providing the best possible service through our top quality products For improving quality and developing domestic welding market.
    Introduce     Management Philosophy
Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Creative & Innovative Thinking
WooriWeltech is always open.


Our rational intelligence along with flexible sensibility creates innovative thinking, which leads to creativity heading towards the future


Reliable Management


Management is more than what’s seen from the outside Trust within company becomes the base for customer trust. We recognize the importance of trust.



Remembering Beginning


We will always remember our beginning. Remember the first day of work, and the first day of meeting others. The word “first” always contains a philosophy that we should not forget. We will always remember our beginning.
We contribute to the development and growth of our customers by faithfully providing information, technical products and services that customers want by demonstrating our creative and original capabilities. Through this, we promote the development, growth, and happiness of both the company and its employees, and furthermore, become a socially exemplary and valuable company.
"To be the best company in welding (product, related technology, information)"
We will become a proud, no.1 welding company in Korea, and develop our company into a world-class corporation based on ownership among employees. We will become a true global company by expanding our scope of growth to the global market.
Our highest core values start with our people, constituting and supporting the base for company. We share the dreams of individuals and companies and cooperate through communication to achieve them. Individuals create new values based on a challenging spirit, along with passion for work and learning.
Change and Innovation
We must change the existing order through change. We need to change our practices and methods wisely, and create values according to those changes through innovation. Change and innovation lead to finding value pursued by both us and customers, leading to transformation into an innovative company that can provide the best possible service
The fundamental power to increase corporate value is based on mutual trust. Trust must move in both directions, believing in each other and striving for mutual trust.

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